Harrihu Inkpen

Welcome to my new website! The eventual plan for this page is to provide my contact information, link back to my social media and projects online, and host my blog. It's obviously not done but I'm lazy with my personal projects because I like to help others with theirs.

Contact info: If you're contacting me for the first time please let me know how you found my info and if you know me, how you know me. I'm terrible with names and apologize if I can't remember who you are right away, I likely did not forget you it's just something I struggle with.
Discord: harrihu#6187
Telegram: @harrihu

@harrihu - Personal account for most things
@harrihu_inkpen - Hobby account for furry, audio / video, VR, electronics, Twitch, etc.
Facebook: Ask me. I don't want to use this if I don't have to and am trying to move things off it.

To find and add here later: Youtube, Steam, Nintendo, Epic, Blizzard, Origin, Minecraft, Other things I think of later.

To do list for this

  • Add intro

  • Add social links

  • Add other contact info

Other things for later maybe

  • Online status and link for Twitch stream

  • Online status and link for VRChat

  • Most recent tweet or some kind of Twitter widget?